FESTOOL Suction Hose D 36×7.0m-AS/CT 204926



FESTOOL Suction Hose D 36 x 7.0m-AS/CT 204926

Replaces 500685

Length: 7m
CT Compatibility: CT26, CT 36 & CT 48


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Smooth, elastic and extremely robust: the new suction hose impresses with improved handling and a longer service life. It glides over any edges and ensures improved suction thanks to its conical geometry. Clever extra benefits: The new CLEANTEC dust-extraction sleeve means the ends of the hose can be connected to each other – to transport it cleanly or to extend the suction hose, depending on what you need.

Smooth exterior for snag-free work
For gliding perfectly over any surface or edge, the extremely robust and smooth exterior protects the flexible suction hose inside. Ideal for working with the Festool guide rail.

CLEANTEC dust extraction sleeve
With a bayonet fitting for secure connection of the suction hose to the tool and, if needed, to connect two suction hoses to each other to produce one long hose.

Conical geometry for improved suction
For reduced friction and increased airflow, resulting in better suction and faster progress with your work.


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