FESTOOL Splinterguard FS-SP 5000/T 495209


FESTOOL Splinterguard FS-SP 5000/T 495209

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Splinterguard (replacement), Adhesive-backed Splinterguard to maintain splinter-free cut quality. Splinterguard material is semi-transparent for better visibility of the cut line and is quick and easy to replace.

A fresh splinterguard can be matched perfectly to the saw blade, providing precise alignment to your cut line, saving valuable set up time. A fresh splinterguard is also the best protection against tear out.

Note: To ensure precision, change your splinterguard if you are switching between different kerfed blades or different saws.

Length: 196″ (5 000 mm)

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Weight .6 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 7.5 × 1.3 in


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