FESTOOL Sliding Compound Miter Saw KS 120 EB KAPEX 561287


FESTOOL Sliding Compound Miter Saw KS 120 EB KAPEX 561287

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The Kapex features a rail forward design which increases precision and creates a compact footprint while preventing head play for accurate cuts.

Easily align cuts from the left or right side using the dual lasers. The lasers clearly define the material which will be removed during the cut.

Micro-adjustable bevel angle with up-front rotary knob. Large bevel scale and fine pointers make it easy to set precise bevel angles.

Dust extraction up to 91% with behind the cut dust hood and pivoting 36 mm hose.

The Kapex is the most advanced sliding compound miter saw in the market today. In the hands of a carpenter, this saw will make cuts that rival the finest trim work being done today. Engineered to be light weight and compact, the KS 120 is the perfect saw for the workshop or the jobsite. Effective dust extraction, precise cuts, easy adjustments, and quality components are some of the features that should make this saw the number one choice of professional tradesmen.

HW universal saw blade W60; Bevel; Hold Down Clamp; wrench in carton

HW universal saw blade W60
Hold Down Clamp

Idle engine speed: 1 400 – 3 400 RPM
Inclination angle: 47/47 °
Mitre angle: 50/60 °
Crown moulding diagonal cut 45°/90°: 6-5/8″ (168 mm)
Crown moulding diagonal cut at 90°/90°: 6-5/8″ (168 mm)
Weight: 47.4 lbs (21.5 kg)
Saw blade diameter: 10-1/4″ (260 mm)
Work height: 35-1/2″ (900 mm)
Special cutting depth 90°/90°: 2-1/4″ (60 mm) x 4-3/4″ (120 mm)
Power consumption: 1 600 watt
Special cutting depth 45°/90° (right): 3/4″ (20 mm) x 4-3/4″ (120 mm)
Dimensions (W x D x H): 28″ (713 mm) x 19-3/4″ (500 mm) x 18-1/2″ (470 mm)
Special cut. depth 45°/90° (left): 1-1/2″ (40 mm) x 4-3/4″ (120 mm)

Additional information

Weight 55.2 lbs
Dimensions 29.53 × 23.23 × 20.28 in


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