FESTOOL Sanding disc STF V93/6 P220 GR Granat 497397



FESTOOL Sanding disc STF V93/6 P220 Granat 497397

Includes: 100 – Pack

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Festool offers a fully integrated sanding solution for all your applications with a complete line of abrasives in a wide assortment.

Grit: P220
Qty. in pack: 100 H87
Convex shaped abrasives enable easy sanding of edgets and rabbets
Triangular point makes it easy to access tight corners.
Compatible with Festool DX 93 E and RO 90 DX sanders.
Composed of hardened Aluminum Oxide and Ceramic Grit for scratch resistant coatings and high VOC coatings


Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 4.6 × 4.13 × 5 in


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