FESTOOL Sander Backing Pad ST-STF D125/8 FX-W-HT 492125


FESTOOL Sander Backing Pad ST-STF D125/8 FX-W-HT 492125

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Standard soft replacement pad, optimized for rotary or random orbit sanding with the RO125 FEQ sander. Festool Systems offer a solution for virtually any application, which produce better results with pads, abrasives, sanders and dust extractors designed to work seamlessly and efficiently together.

A highly-resilient, heat-resistant MPE foam is utilized in all Festool pads for consistent finishing results, uniform wearing, and extended pad life.

Connecting thread: FastFix
Qty. in pack: 1 H87
Holds up to high temperatures during heavy-duty applications in rotary mode
Jetstream design delivers highly effective dust removal
FastFix tool-less pad change.
StickFix hook and loop design for quick and efficient abrasive changes

Additional information

Weight .32 lbs
Dimensions 7.67 × 6.7 × .045 in

Backing Pad

Fit (Model)

RO 125


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