FESTOOL Battery pack BP 18 Li 4,0 HPC-ASI 205036



Festool Battery Pack BP 18 Li 4,0 HPC-ASI 205036

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Full compatibility to the 18V program provides a lean approach to your battery needs with this system battery pack on all 18V Festool machines and chargers. With proven AIRSTREAM technology for short cooling and charging times. The compact HIGHPOWER battery pack makes every 18V machine much more convienent, more compact, and 20 lighter.

Li-HighPower cell technology makes it powerful enough for every
application. At just 1.2 lbs (600 g), it is 20% lighter and 50% more
compact than a 5.2 Ah battery pack. Bluetooth® enables the
compatible CLEANTEC mobile dust extractor to be started
automatically when the cordless tool is activated.

Additional information

Weight 1.57 lbs
Dimensions 6.5 × 3.54 × 2.56 in


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